April 19, 2018
How To Organize A Profitable Trade Show Event
December 28, 2018
A trade show with lot of participants showcasing their business products and services.

Trade fairs, industrial shows,and business get-togethers play a vital role in establishing business and to build up efficient contact base. The employees or partners can gain expertise and walk up on their competitors to improvise their product.

Mr. Krish, associated with one of the leading Industrial Architecture firm tells us that they have been participating in Industrial Trade Shows for the past 6 years, and how it has been beneficial for them. "We got an opportunity to be a part of an architecture and design exhibition, where we could showcase our designs and promote ourselves as Industrial architects. It increased our visibility across states and helped increase our sales.">

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Here are the five primary purposes of attending trade fairs:

Networking opportunities

During the fairs, employees and professionals of different companies get to meet and interact with each other. They can share their experience and ideologies. Professionals of the same or different businesses come together,and they have the chance of exchanging their contact information. They can explain in detail about their respective companies or brands. In this way, the brands can get popularity,and this is a technique of marketing. Fairs are an excellent way to meet new people who can be potential customers, suppliers can be obtained,and new talent can be recognized who can join the companies. Rather than telephonic and web meetings, face to face meetings is dominant to create an impression.

Stalls at trade show, lot of customers visiting the show and business activities happeningIncreasing the brand awareness

The team of marketing departments is always on the lookout for the ways to promote their brands. In a trade, the teams can either be participants or attendees. Both the techniques help in increasing and developing the brand value. Suppose a marketing team is hosting their brand booth, they can attract new customers by novel ideas. Giving presentations, banners, handouts will all help in constructing the image. They can attend the fair as an audience too and can promote their brand by sporting the jerseys, sponsoring the event or some stalls and by interacting with various people.

Training purpose

Trade shows are the center hubs of learning. Companies send their best experienced and skilled staff to the fairs. Some organizations hold sessions for discussion and Knowledge transfer. Some companies provide crash course training. Attending such events will fetch good exposure and research can be done on the latest technologies and skill sets. The composites and advanced materials expo is an example of such fair where there will be training sessions, discussions on products, networking, solutions and latest industrial advancements.

Gaining orders

Suppliers, distributors, employees, employers, marketing heads, customers,etc. all of them attend the trade fairs. The set of theaudience is vast,and one can obtain new orders, can negotiate on new deals and establish collaborations. Since this meeting is face to face, there will be no scope of error and projects can be given a unique shape. Return on investment can be obtained for the products on display that bring profits to the organizations.

Research purpose

The purpose of surveillance and research can be fulfilled by the fairs. Companies get to know about their competitors and the ideologies that they are using to be in the picture. Companies can test their products and gain feedback. Market surveillance can be done in advance to know about the products or services that are newly being launched.


  1. Priya says:

    The overall article builds to the most significant foundation of trade fairs – marketing is about relationships. They are techniques to get away from pushing products on people and making real connections with clients and customers. They are opportunities to meet with your audience and stay ahead of the curve.

  2. Dhilip says:

    The gaining orders benefit can also be seen a lead generation. Trade fairs have an advantage over cold selling. Unlike phone calls and emails, you know the person to whom you are speaking. You know what interests them, therefore you can sell better and faster.

  3. Vedha says:

    Guaranteed access to the target audience, as the article talks about, is what most believe to be the number one advantage of a trade show. But I think it is education. And not just learning gained through training but via the undivided attention an attendee gives companies when listening to them talk about their products.

  4. Nithin says:

    The write-up elucidated the networking opportunities really well. Yes, trade shows are an exceptional place for networking, but the one element that is not included in the factor is getting hold of influential people. High-up authorities who cannot be spoken through calls or emails are easy to meet in fairs.

  5. Shanti says:

    The one reason trade shows should be attended by businesses not mentioned is high ROI. Studies say that almost 50% of attendees plan to buy a product or service they see in a fair within 12 months of the event. This means any fund invested in the show returns in magnitude to the company.

  6. Sandy says:

    I recently started a business. I was looking for platforms for promoting my business. The post helped me to understand the benefits of attending trade fairs. I am very sure that I can improve brand awareness of my business by participating in a trade fair.

  7. Anushya says:

    Recently I participated in a trade fair. This gave an opportunity to meet business experts and professionals of several other competitors. It helped me to know about the ideologies and strategies of various other business. Really a useful post for entrepreneurs.

  8. Mowlya says:

    By participating in a trade fair, business professionals get a chance to meet potential customers. It is an excellent platform to meet customers face to face and create a positive impression of your business. Thanks for helping me to know about advantages of trade fairs.

  9. Krishnan says:

    Trade fairs organize for training sessions and knowledge transfer takes place among business professionals. You can make use of trade fairs as a platform for training the employees of your business. You can get to know about the latest trend and technologies in business.

  10. Mohana says:

    Last month we took part in a trade fair and this gave me a chance to meet suppliers, marketing heads, distributors, business experts under one roof. we offered handouts about our products and this helped customers to know about our business

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