How To Build A Career In Industrial Designing?

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An image of a design developed by an Industrial DesignerWhat Is An Industrial Designing Career?

An industrial Designing career is a combination of applied science and applied art which helps in improving the aesthetics and usability of a product. An Industrial designer focuses more on the physical appearance, manufacturability, and functionality of a product. A designer who has done an industrial design course in Chennai combines business, engineering, and art to produce products that people use daily.

Job Profile For Industrial Designer

1. Industrial designers are those who have undergone training from industrial design colleges in Chennai and other reputed universities. They are specialists who decide the usability and appearance of the materials used by people daily. Industrial designers are the ones who are responsible for making a product look appealing.
2. The main job of the Industrial designer is to create and perform different design solutions for various issues related to form, physical ergonomics, usability, marketing, brand development, and sales.
3. As an industrial designer, one has to work with material scientists, marketers, engineers, accountants, etc., to manufacture a product.
4. Industrial designers have to set up meetings with the client when a project begins. They advise the project planning team about how can they introduce new products and improve old ones. The designers should work hand-in-hand with the market research team.
5. The designers must understand the product features required by the customers and need to create visual features to help the sales team.
6. During the client meeting, the industrial designer must make the sketches and drawings about the product and submit them to the client. The client will then decide which drawings to be used for the product feature.
7. Once the client gives the nod, the designers will recreate the drawings or sketches with the help of computer softwares and 3D visualization software.
8. After the design is finalized, it will be moved to the engineering department, where the product is brought to life.

What Are The Skills Required For an Industrial Designing Career?

Here is the list of skills needed to pursue a career in Industrial Designing.

9. Excellent problem-solving skills
10. Strong communication skills
11. Must be able to perform analysis and interpretation of data
12. Arithmetical accuracy
13. Must be creative and should have a good imagination
14. Should be abreast with latest technologies and other computer-aided designs
15. Ability to work under stress and tight deadlines.
16. Should have good observational skills
17. Must have a proper sense of colour and proportion

What Is The Salary Package For An Industrial Designer?

18. Freshers who have a degree or a diploma course can earn up to Rs 10000 per month.
19. Those with relevant skills and good grades from reputed universities can earn up to Rs 20000 per month.

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What Are The Job Prospects For An Industrial Designer?

20. The industrial designing field always has good career opportunities for talented people. Most of the industrial designers are employed by MNCs, manufacturing companies, design firms, etc. In big companies, the designers can move to a much higher position such as project manager, creative director and many other specialized roles. Some choose to become teachers in reputed design schools in Chennai and other institutes. However, if the designers want, they can work independently as well, by starting their own design firms.

How To Be An Industrial Designer?
For entry-level industrial design jobs, one should have a degree in industrial design, engineering, or architecture. Most designing programs have courses that can help industrial designers, such as sketching, CADD ( computer-aided design and drafting), manufacturing methods, industrial materials and processes. Many colleges require completing basic art and design courses before enrolling students on the industrial designing course.

Here is a list of Industrial designing courses offered by reputed universities and colleges in India.

21. B.E in Industrial Design.
22. Graduate Diploma Program
23. B.Sc in Industrial Design
24. Post Graduate Diploma Program
25. Bachelor of Design
26. Master of Design
B.Tech in Industrial Design.
Master of Technology
Master of Engineering
Master of Science

Usually, industrial designers showcase their skills and knowledge by showing their best work from previous projects. Having enough work experience always helps build a good reputation and helps build a successful career ahead. Read More

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