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The privacy policy, given below, details your use of the site and the collection and use of information by Expo Metalica. Most times, the site can be used without giving any personal information. But for some services that the site provides, private data might be needed. We promise to keep all your private information secure, always. The data might be shared with third parties in some instances. For example, we use your phone number to send you promotional messaged of products and services you might be interested in.

We may also display to you advertisements that are based on your usage trends and visit statics. We may also send your newsletters or email for marketing and promotional purposes. Expo Metalica is not liable or responsible for how third parties may use your private information. We do give you a choice to opt-out of getting any promotion phone call, SMS, emails, etc.

Terms of Use:

This site has been created as a platform for companies and consumers to interact. Any product, service or item listed on the website is not under the guarantee of Expo Metalica. Warranties, conditions and guarantees are the jurisdictions of the service or product providers. Any damage or failure of product or service is to be handled by the seller of the said product or service.

Frauds are strictly prohibited from the site. The same applies to counterfeit items and unauthorized services. At this point, we would like to beware the user of fraudulent service providers. We recommend caution to users before doing business with any individual or corporate entity from around the world.