About Us

We are the leaders in creating comprehensive and flexible trade shows in India with par excellence venue management services. We promise to provide all our clients, a single and all-inclusive platform that facilitates trade promotional events. We are a comprehensive solution for both national and international business community. Through our array of services buyers and sellers from around the world can perform any business transaction efficiently and seamlessly. As a trade show site, we offer a reliable way to people connect, interact and share knowledge. Simply put, we give business a portal to market, advertise and promote their product or service to old and new customers.

With years of experience under our belts, you can rest assured that the trade shows we put up are flexible enough to meet even the most diverse of needs. As real professionals, we continuously grow our pool of customers and buyers. Consistently upgrading guarantees that we have not only access to new users, but also new technology that consumers might be interested in. Being a well-known trade show site, Expo Metalica has inimitable expertise in both online promotion and acquiring data. All to ensure that you, our esteemed clients, have the best advantage in the field.

We are an established leader in trade shows. We give our partners peace of mind. We provide you a satisfaction that with us your product will reach the farthest corners of the market. We allow working professionals, investors, inventors, entrepreneurs and principals to come face to face and interact freely.