How To Organize A Profitable Trade Show Event

A trade show with lot of participants showcasing their business products and services.
April 26, 2018
Customers having a look at the products showcased at various stall during a trade show.
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December 28, 2018

Attending a tradeshow and planning one are two wildly different things. They are as far apart as the two coasts of an ocean. But trade shows are one of the best ways of boosting any business. Therefore, they become crucial to any trade. Yet not all trade shows end in success, not all events create value to the community, and not all are successful in a quantitative sense. For a trade event to positively promote the company and make a lasting impact, it is essential to focus on best practices. In this article, we take a glimpse at how to organise a profitable trade show.

• From the start right till the last stall has been dismantled, absolute attention to every little detail is vital. But the first place to focus on is the market. Picking the right market to display all vendors is pivotal to the show’s success. When we say market, we mean the target audience. Not every viewer is open to every type of product or service. Therefore, choose the audience of the trade show based on what will be showcased.

• The second step is to identify the three types of clients you will have – the sponsors of the trade show, the vendors and finally the attendees. It is by recognising them that an ideal strategic plan can be building that highlights the brands and increases opportunities of sales.

• Pick a niche and stick to it. When you repeatedly work on the same task, you become an expert in it. The same logic applies to a business. Pick a subset and then build your know-how in the area. Proficient people are able to knit stronger and loyal relationships with everyone. Their sponsors feel safe, vendors respect them and attendees become repeat customers.

• Be crystal clear on the goal of the event. When the objective is known inside out to you explaining it to vendors or sponsors becomes natural and more believable. It also helps to understand the benefits of the tradeshow and the features. Both will assist in convincing vendors in putting up their stalls for the event.

• The location of the trade show has to be booked at least half a year before. A 6 months buffer will give you and the vendors enough time to plan and organise the event properly and resolve any glitches.

• Don’t forget the target audience. They need to be convinced too. Therefore, arm yourself with statistics and detailed information that can lure customers in attending the show.

Organising and planning a tradeshow is not child’s play. It requires effort and dedication along with expertise. The best option is to hire an Event management service like Kiyoh to plan it for you. They will be cognizant of every factor that has to be paid attention. Event companies have the ability to create a sense of community during a show which increases the chances of vendors and sponsors collaborating again. While you can focus on building lasting relationships with attendees and vendors, the management services can handle the functioning.


  1. Akshara says:

    I was unaware that the trade fair can offer greater benefits for businesses participating in it. The above tips would be useful for companies who are participating for the first in trade fairs. I thank the expo metallica team for the informative post.

  2. Lenin says:

    f your planning to take part in a trade fair make sure that you start to plan well ahead about your stall and the presentation. Plan things based on a specific goa of your business. Come up with unique strategies that would help to enjoy profit.

  3. Pravin says:

    I understood the struggle and hard work required when organizing a tradeshow. The exhibitors are responsible for promoting their brand. The organizers should make use of the opportunity and identify the right exhibitors who are running successful businesses.

  4. Divya says:

    It is a great idea to hire event managers when organizng a trade show.They are professionals and they would know about the in and out of organzing a trade fair event. Tell them about your expectations and you can remain relaxed.

  5. Banu says:

    Planning is the main factor for organizing profitable trade fairs. Decide on the various aspects of the trade fair well ahead so that you do not struggle at the end. Make sure to interact with the exhibitors so that you can know about their expectations.

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