Creating A Platform To Showcase The Advancements In The Steel And Metal Industry

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February 15, 2017
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steel and metal expo

The Steel and Metal exhibition is a specialised event that attracts a wide range of audience from across the globe. Some of the leading names in the industry display an array of products to showcase the advancements in the field. Pioneers in the industry compete for the award of excellence in their respective fields. This year the awards were sponsored by prominent online jewellery retailer, I Love Diamonds, as well as companies like GlobeTrotters, The Expo Group and MCA. We have associated with to collect market data and statistics from over 18000 sources to promote our event.

Being the numero uno specialised trade show for steel, metal-mechanic, ironmongers and related industrial companies in Columbia, we strive to deliver excellence in all walks. Our recent trade show encapsulates every concern of the mining industry in Colombia, including the responsibility towards mining legally. This trade show is beneficial for the companies in the steel, metal-mechanic and other related sectors in Columbia to showcase their capabilities as a mining company, helps them to hobnob with buyers and other suppliers, gain knowledge about the latest in their industry and the national and international markets.

Steel and Metal exhibition

If you are a buyer or seller of steel, metal-mechanic or other associated products, and belong to the metal, shipping or hardware industrial sectors, this is a must go event. This trade show helps the participants know about the commercial treaties signed by Columbia. This goes a long way in helping the Colombian mining players to tread in the international market and consolidate their position in the world steel and metal industry. This trade show is also a great platform for forging strategic alliances with other companies in the sector.

The industrial sector that uses high-quality steel as one of their core ingredients, we help them to learn about the state of the art technology in the arena, latest equipment and innovative practices. A forum where all the big and small players of the Columbian Steel Sector and other related companies meet, this trade show helps in immediate redress of issues plaguing the industry and formulation of strategies. Over the years, this trade show has not only become a tool for display of new technologies, devise the sequence of sub hiring, and forging of new commercial contacts, but the strategies formulated on this platform have indeed been put into practice, turning up into tangible actions.

The iron and steel industry has immense importance in any economy. Rest all other industries owe their machinery and raw materials to this industry, be it automobiles, aircraft industry, real estate, shipping. The trends of this industry influence all other industries in a country. Time and again we create an excellent stage to showcase everything related to this industry in Columbia. The dates of the trade show can be accessed from their website. Feria De Demanda is a much-awaited event in the trade show that makes for a space for forging alliances between various interest groups. This event delivers PYMES to the big players in the industry; a term coined for the small and mid-size players desirous of integrating as a supplier to the bigger companies.


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