The Key Challenges And Opportunities In Metal Exhibition Industry

North Shore Steel Tradeshow
September 21, 2016
Creating A Platform To Showcase The Advancements In The Steel And Metal Industry
April 9, 2017

Metal Exhibition
The International Trade Show for steel and metal-mechanic is being organized at various locations across the globe to cater to the industry needs of metal importers and exporters. We offer a comprehensive business platform to serve the metal and allied industries by creating a perfect platform to showcase their spectrum of products. In this connect we have joined hands with Wondersoft to streamline POS systems for a more engaging and effective sale process. Our exhibitions have joined world forums like to convey the importance of reducing greenhouse emissions in many exhibitions.

Challenges and opportunities
The exhibition sector is seen as unorganized and despite the best efforts is unable to gain a foothold. Thanks to technology and the introduction of applications, the sector has found enormous potential in boosting the economy. The lack of infrastructural support to conduct large exhibitions is seen as a stumbling block to maximize economic opportunities.

The main aim of global exhibition industry is to promote contacts, research, information and education. The non-availability of large exhibition facilities to hold international exhibitions apart from economics have to be tackled soon. Exhibitions provide a host of opportunities in terms of employment, tourism, skill training and construction. The lack of training to handle international consumers and participants could dampen the spirit of the exhibition. Skill development in this area is crucial for the success of the exhibition.

metal expo

Key challenges
Latest marketing techniques
New exhibition infrastructure
Tax compulsions
High venue rates
Training and development
Sustainable initiatives
Professional Management

Need for exhibiting
The bottom line of presenting your products and services is to bring in more sales. Despite the level of reach the Internet is able to offer, there is no alternative to a face-to-face transaction to strengthen a business relationship.

Reasons to exhibit at Steel and Metal
The focus is on Steel and Metal. It helps promote direct sales with a highly targeted audience. The marketing effort is concentrated and delivers accurate results with minimum wastage.
The visitors are proactive and walk directly to your stall. The take a decision to attend by setting aside valuable time, meaning they are serious about buying.
Live demonstration gives them the feel, touch and taste of the product.
Personalized contact builds customer relationship.
Neutral sales environment leaves no pressure on the customer to buy.
Within a short time, a greater proportion of the market is penetrated. What usually takes months, can now be completed in days.
The combination of mass marketing, personalized selling, internet benefits and realizing the objectives is powerful

The success of such exhibitions depends on making it an organized sector. Giving it an industry status by taking care of issues like octroi, policies, visa and more can give a breakthrough. Among the world forum, China has a stronghold in exhibition industry due to its venue facilitation and the desperation to achieve. Simplifying the procedures and offering incentives, can help develop the industry. Moreover relaxation in entry and exit options for the sake of business activities could woo direct foreign investment.


  1. Henri says:

    The live demonstrations offered in the exhibiton gave me touch and feel experience of the products.

  2. Aceline says:

    The fair served as a platform to promote steel products manufactured by our industry

  3. Estelle says:

    By participating in the exhibiton it was possible to build customer relationship

  4. Lancelot says:

    I came to know about several reliable steel producers from the internaitonal fair

  5. Elicia says:

    Several countries should come forward like China to conduct the Interantional Trade Show where the metal products are displayed

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