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Job Fairs – Perfect Solution To Find A Job

Job fairs are a perfect way to find a job and also to get your vacancies filled. Finding the right job may not come easy for many. You don’t get to meet your employers face to face while applying for jobs through job portals. Job fairs create the perfect environment where you can meet your potential employer and also understand your job role before applying. You will be able to understand the nature of the job. You will know whether it is a regular job, remote jobs, or a part-time job and also have an idea about your pay. Job portals like Techfetch jobs do provide you all this information but with job fairs, you will get the advantage of meeting them face to face and choosing the job that matches your skill.

A job fair is also conducted aiming at a local community. This will help people who have a particular skill set to quickly avail opportunities and also benefits the company to get access to a vast number of skilled resources to fill in their vacancies. Job fairs can be conducted in person or virtual. The pandemic situation paved the way for virtual job fairs and this may become a mainstay in the future.

How To Host A Virtual Job Fair?

A Business Man Selecting Candidates For His Company In Virtual Way.

An online job fair has a few things you need to take care of. You must have a strategy in place. There must be a clear focus on the upcoming opportunities, tech requirements, and challenges which will make it easier to streamline the recruitment process. To develop a proper strategy, you need to first set goals. The scope of the job fair must be clear. You should aim at a specific rate of attendance. You must have a specific KPI to achieve. Based on how much content, you are planning to share with the candidates, you need to decide on the overall brand experience. Your content can also focus on a specific job role that you are offering. You will have to decide whether you want to promote your content or just conduct video interviews.

Conducting virtual job fairs is a cost-effective method of recruiting candidates. The investment for a job fair depends on several factors.

The duration of the online event is one important factor. It can last for days and each can be 24/7. Additional features for the online event will add to your cost. The visibility of the online event and the duration of live streaming can be fixed at an extra price. The scope of the job fair and to the contrary how far the hosting company is willing to spend to get the right talent will also influence your budget.

Technology is another important factor you need to consider while hosting virtual job fairs. There are several platforms available that come with some features. This includes provision for communicating and interacting. Some platforms allow you to customize so you can provide a complete brand experience to your potential candidates. Platforms provide you the flexibility to change over, provide security, and also the capability of having data analytics performed on the potential candidates. Virtual job fairs do create a buzz in social media and in a way that it provides for an opportunity to market your brand.

People walk around the boothes at Job Fair, the biggest job fair event.

Steps To Conduct A Job Fair Event

Check Out – A job fair event that is conducted in person, requires a lot of groundwork and arrangement. You need to book a hall in advance which has a permit for a large gathering. A permit will mostly be accompanied by a protocol based on the pandemic conditions in the area. Keep your job fair specific to a niche. This will help to streamline the crowd and it is easier to select the talent. A budget has to be prepared beforehand so you will know how much has to be spent on each. You can also seek sponsorship to help you meet the expense. The venue must match the attendance you’re expecting. You can book a ballroom, community hall, library and others. The location should be easily accessible to the majority of candidates. You can also reach out to hiring managers of companies that belong to the niche role for them to set up booths.

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