About Us

Expometalica Colombia has been organizing specialized trade shows for metal-mechanic, steels, ironmongers and other related industrial companies for several years since its inception. The exhibition of these high end products helps to increase public awareness of the metallurgical and shipbuilding sectors. Many new commercial contacts and deals are made at this Expo, giving the manufacturers and the consumers a chance to connect. With technological advances being made each day, the Expo gives a chance to display the latest trends and the potential of the marketing channels. This iron mongers trade show is a chance to get updated on what’s happening in the market and see what your competition is up to as well.

The Metal Exhibition industry is slowly picking up. With the ups and downs of the economy affecting every market, the metal market has also been hit hard. But the iron mongers are coming back stronger than ever. This has led to Expometalica Colombia holding annual shows and inviting metal manufacturers, iron mongers, power tool manufacturers and traders, etc. to the show.

Conducting an expo takes a lot of planning and organizational skills. The team at Expometalica Colombia has a wealth of experience in running trade shows and uses this experience to make the Expometalica Colombia a roaring success every single year. With people from all over the world walking into the Expometalica Colombia, it is essential that things run smoothly without any issue cropping up unexpectedly. The team at Expometalica Colombia starts planning for the upcoming Expometalica Colombia at least 6 months ahead to get all the details right. Attention is paid to all the small details to ensure that the show is successful and reaches all its targets.

The venue for the Expometalica Colombia has been the same since its inception. Since the location is conveniently located within the city, it makes it easier for people to attend. Out of towners can find hotels to stay at and book raveling accommodation easily as well. The Expometalica Colombia also has an official travel coordinator, who can help you get a pass for all the major events at the Expometalica Colombia as well as travel and accommodations arrangements.

The organizers of the Expometalica Colombia also schedule seminars and demonstration. These usually have a fixed number of seats available and are fully booked very quickly. If you are interested in attending one of the seminars or the demonstrations, you can register, and we will send an email when it’s time to book your seat. Since most of the attendees belong to the metal industry, the whole affair has a serious ambience. In order to introduce a fun element to the whole event, the organizers arrange a fun party at the end of the trade show. All the main sponsors, organizers, industry people attend this party and have fun before bidding adieu till next year.

The Expometalica Colombia has been credited with helping the meat industry expand in several ways. Even though there are several other metal trade shows occurring all over the world, the Expometalica Colombia seems to have the most influence over the metal industry. The head honchos of the event make sure to attend the Expometalica Colombia faithfully year, establishing the important role it plays in this ever evolving industry. So register today to rub shoulders with the important names in the metal industry.